Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers Day Sail

Spent about 3 hrs out on the Hobie today. Beautfull warm summer day with nice breeze.My daughter came out for about an hr of practice.Practiced some starting and stopping boat,backing up and did some 360,s.Hopefully I won,t have to do any 360,s but it is a good boat handling practice.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Muddy Waters Regatta

Race Day 1
There was a good breeze(mostly single trap all day) and it was cool and raining(raining hard).Managed to get in three races before hypo-thermia set in.The day was dominated by Jim Sohn with three solid 1st's.We had three secounds,the highlite was one race started in last and worked the middle of the course to catch up with the fleet.Moved into first at the gate mark then had a nice drag race with Sohn out to the right.He managed to pass us going down wind.
Interesting situation in the first race we were ahead and to leeward coming into A mark for the first time.There was a slight header at A mark enough so that we could not lay the mark.Tacking back across the starboard parade looked really risky so we ended up jibing around and finding a hole.We lost three boats but saved some gelcoat work.

Day 2
Still cool and breezy but no rain(single with a little twin trapping in the puffs).We got in three more races.In the secound race we did a horizon job on the fleet.We went right early then dug back in in the middle(seemed to be good wind thru the middle).We finished with about a 2 min. advantage over the fleet.We finished3,1,3 for the day.Final results Sohn first ,my daughter Carly and I secound and Slim Johnston and Ben Wells third.